Welcome to our website! Like most websites, this is a work in progress. Check back often to see progress. Trunk show photos, Show and Tell photos, Peds Quilt photos, etc. are no longer posted on the home page, but are archived according to calendar date. Find the latest "upload" here: Guild Archive

WHAT WE ARE: Little Traverse Bay Quilters Guild is a long-established non-profit, meeting once each month at the Friendship Center in Petoskey. Current membership count is about 100.

WHY WE ARE: Little Traverse Bay Quilters Guild exists to:
cooperation and exchange of ideas among those who love quilts and quilting 
Encourage high standards of design and technique 
Stimulate interest in quilting crafts and skills through carefully planned programs and activities.

LTBQG members currently support and sustain four charitable efforts: Pediatric Quilts for hospitalized children and teens; Hospice Quilts for Hiland Hospice House patients; Quilts of Valor for U.S. service veterans; and quilted placemats for every Meals on Wheels recipient in Emmet County. Hospice Quilts and Quilts of Valor are small work-groups that meet regularly, while the Pediatric Quilts and Meals on Wheels Placemats are carried out by individuals who prefer to work alone at home. For more information on any of these efforts, CLICK the Helping Hands.

Helping Hands

Last update:September 1, 2020

We're located
in Petoskey, MI,
near the "Tip of the Mitt,"
and just 30 miles south of the
Big Mackinac Bridge!


red star blue star red star blue star
We do Quilts of Valor (R)
and have thus far presented
400 quilts
to Veterans of U.S. Armed Forces!

(36 Quilts made thus far in 2020)


Our normal practice is to meet every second Thursday of the month at the Emmet County Friendship Center, 1322 Anderson Road in Petoskey. Guild members who wish to meet earlier and visit with other quilters may bring needlework after 3:30pm. Light refreshments are served at 5:30pm, and our regular meeting begins at 6:00pm. Visitors are welcome, but asked to contribute $5 to the Guild treasury. Exception: visitors are invited to attend the Annual LTBQG September Tea free of charge.

As stated below, our Guild is not meeting at all until further notice. The Emmet County Friendship Center is closed.

Emmet County Friendship Center

Quilts of Valor
at 10am - 3:30pm, Wednesday, August 12th

Limited to 10 people; regular attendees only.
Call Tresa Keys to reserve your spot.
Masks must be worn at all times.

To contact Guild leadership, send an e-mail to: ltbquiltersguild@gmail.com

All meetings, classes, programs, etc. canceled until further notice.

Madam President Lynn Czar

Hi Quilters!
I hope you have been enjoying your summer despite our pandemic. We
have really had some nice summer days, especially when our Park Show and
Tells were happening. I attended the Charlevoix event hosted by Ruth
Harris and it was wonderful to see members and what they were working on
or had finished. I have heard from others chairs that their events were
successful as well. I think it was a shot in the arm to see others and enjoy
their projects.

I’m very excited to tell you about our zoom September meeting! Everyone
will have a front row seat in their own home to hear Rachael May, professor
@ NMU lecture on her book The American Quilt- Unfolding a Story of Family
& Slavery. More news about that from our Program Chairs, Judith Ivan &
Charr Skirvin.

Sometime in September, watch your mail, as a little surprise will be coming
your way! That’s all I can say, but you’re going to love it!
And last of all don’t forget about our charities, they need us!

Always Quilting,


- contact Teresa Keys if you have finished quilts or quilts that just
need binding, she also has precut quilts for QOV to sew.

-Pat Nolan - Hold onto them

Peds Quilts- call Judy Goldsmith for dropping off/

Hospice- call Barbara to make arrangements to drop off your quilts.

Please read our Facebook page
and website to stay current with what’s going on in our guild.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July however you spend it!

Always Quilting, Lynn



Lots of great projects are under construction, like the Color Challenge. Keep it going!


Program Contacts are: Judith Ivan (231-459-5662) - jofsji@gmail.com
and Charr Skirvin (231-753-2261) - 79cls63@gmail.com
Contact one of us with questions or sign-ups.


Quilts of Valor(R) now meets at the
Charlevoix Public Library
220 Clinton Street,
from 10am - 2pm,
second Wednesday of each month. Next workday: September 9.
This is a permanent location change.

At right is Karen Wooltz
who dropped by the March workbee
to donate her Quilt of Valor(R)
that she made at home.

Thank you, Karen!




September Plans

Here we go guild members! We are starting a new adventure! We are going to try guild meeting via Zoom in September with a lecture by Professor Rachel Mayfrom Northern Michigan University. She will speak about her book, The American Quilt: unfolding a story of Family and Slavery.

The Zoom meeting will be scheduled for September 17 at 7 PM. It will be recorded so if you can’t make that session you will be able to retrieve it at another time.

You will be receiving instructions for using Zoom in an email along with information about practice sessions. Charr will also post info on Facebook and through her email guild gossip messages. It is said that if you can operate a sewing machine you can figure out Zoom, so we encourage you all to take the plunge into that format if you haven’t already done so. This is the way we can see the guild moving forward in these unprecedented times.

Judith and Charr
****************************Charr will be sending practice zoom and instructions for zoom use


Meeting locations for future Park Show and Tell Gatherings.
Remember, if it's raining, the event is cancelled.

Petoskey – East Park Hostess: Barb Gutuskey
Charlevoix – Ferry Park (middle gazebo) Hostess: Ruth Harris
Bellaire – Backyard at Cousin’s Quilt Hostess: Judy Ettema
Boyne City – Gazebo Park Hostess: Betsy Koss
Indian River -Gardens at the Quilt House Hostess: Dee Prediger
Harbor Springs -Tresa Keys house (Please let Tresa know if you are coming so she can give you the gate code. Share driving as there is limited parking.)

An Accuquilt fabric cutter is now available
for use at the Petoskey District Library.

Click on the "Go" picture at right to read
about this wonderful new community resource!

This is also the page to check on the
used with the cutter.

This page will be updated as our inventory grows.


Upcoming Work Bees-->bbbbbbb

Quilts of Valor
Next workbee--
-- 10am-3:30pm
Wednesday, September 9th
--at Charlevoix
Public Library
400+ Quilts awarded thus far!
Hospice Quilts
Meets every Wednesday,
9am - 12 noon

at Hiland Cottage, Petoskey
Will resume when crisis is over.
Placemat Makers
Whenever you have
fabric and time.


A look back to relive some quilter fun . . .
Our February 2020 meeting was blessed with good weather and we had an excellent turnout. Show 'n Tell was great, then Nettie Hosler presented a trunk show from a smattering of projects done and almost done. Click her to see the Show 'n Tell segment and what was in her trunk.  


November 14 - Sharon Henrie Lake of Great Lakes Quilts was both speaker and teacher for the next day's class on One Block wonders. We managed to get a few pictures.  
September 12th - Our 2019 September Tea
Charlevoix Public Library hosted our gathering in their lovely Community Room, where we enjoyed a colorful presentation by Sally Manke, Michigan fiber artist. Click the bike at right for some really nice work by this retired high-school art and home-ec teacher.s


August 8th - Gramma, Gracie and Me!
It was a trunk show that could truly make your quilt cup runneth over. Tresa McWilliams Keys brought what was only a fraction of her collection, sharing with us her love of quilting and the countless things to be made from 1930s reproduction fabrics.


We worked hard to present the 2019 version of
Quilts on the Bay and it was MAGNIFICENT!
Click the icon at right to see the best quilts
you'll find this year!


June 13th brought us just about every kind of weather except snow, and we had good attendance. It was also one week prior to the quilt show, so a lot of last-minute threads were dealt with and tied off. (Quilting analogy.) Still, there were a half-dozen members who brought their latest creation for Show 'n Tell. Click on the blue flower to see them.


May 9th cooperated beautifully! We had a meeting! We had an awesome Show and Tell! Click the Blue Shadow Star at right to see.  


April 11th was a terrible day for weather. Forecasters warned of freezing rain, and we decided to stay home.
NO pictures. Boo.
Don't click it.
It doesn't go anywhere.

March 14th brought favorable weather and we had a good turn-out that included neat Show and Tell quilts and a thorough demonstration of machines that cut fabric --fast and precisely.
Click the miniature at right to see the photos.

February's 2019 meeting
was sandwiched in-between snow and sleet storms. Occupational Therapist Kristin Wren from McLaren Northern Michigan gave a short program on how to practice healthy posture throughout the whole quilt-making process.

There was only one quilt for Show and Tell, and it was made for an auction fundraiser that benefitted Petoskey High School athletics. It's the only photo from that meeting.


January 2019
meeting photos. Click the pinwheel!

Looking for photos of past meetings and events?
Need to look at a newsletter?
Go to the

Guild Archive.
Click the safe.
Guild Archive
That's where we keep the hallowed material. Verrry quietly, click the safe.


That's all, folks!