. . from our
November 2013
meeting . .
Landscape Quilter
Ann Loveless

Note the small crocheted doilies that make up the Queen Anne's Lace.

Winner of the

2013 International
Art Prize

($200,000 will buy
a lot of fabric.)

We started with our usual "Show and Tell" . . .

These lucky babies are dressed in garments made from "cutter quilts."

Warning: Many MANY Dredsen Plates are in your immediate future.
Tresa Keys loves to poke through antique shops and such, looking for quilts
and/or pieces of quilts. She got lucky and discovered a whole cache of unfinished Dredsen Plate blocks.
Figuring out how to use them was a challenge, but once she had an idea,
she went on to create seven projects.


Then, we invited Ann Loveless to share her story with us. She had prepared a slide show . .
Ann's entry to the 2013 Art Prize competiton. She spent about two weeks explaining to visitors that it was not a photograph.

The moment Ann knew she'd won the Art Prize Competition.
She stayed two more days to teach a couple of classes.

That's all, folks!

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