Photos from March 12, 2015 Meeting
Had a great trunk show from our very own Betsy Koss who brought her collection of antique quilts,
blocks and several "Franken-quilts," treasures made with pieces and parts of very old and not so old great finds.

Right out of the shoot, Betsy displayed the oldest piece in her collection,
a signature block that very clearly reads "Betsy,"
She estimates it to be from about 1810.
Betsy called this one "Cheddar and Orange."
Those are 3" yo-yos in the border above.
Just for fun, we turned this Log Cabin quilt 90 degrees and got an entirely different look.


Here's a website for the adventurous antique hunter.

This particular pattern is found at the URL below.


Betsy's husband brought home the quilt at left
from the country of Guatemala
where he'd been on what Betsy calls "a volunteer trip."
Below is detail from a small portion of the quilt.
Yes, every stitch was done by hand.


And now, a little Show and Tell.
Eleanor LaVictor picked up these pieced triangles
from the "Giveaway Counter: -- and made a quilt top!
Above and below, a completed top from the
Round Robin Challenge last winter.
Ruby Parkkonen made not one, but two
Log cabins from 1-1/2 strips in her scrap bag.
By the way, the jacket worn by the lady at right was also a
Show and Tell, and is absolutely smashing!
At left, a strip-pieced quilt for someone's lucky grandson.
All the prints represent sports and activities he loves to do.
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