Pics from May 14, 2015 Guild Meeting

Some photos are of "Show and Tell" origin.
Some are undeniable, unshakeable, visible proof that their UFO Project is

(applause! applause!)
The quilting on the back is spectacular, but the camera didn't get it.
All the little paws are on the outside and movable.
President Linda Fry's signature quilt.
"Giant Jane", i.e. JaneStickle block designs
"Sand Pails"
Pam Miller's 10-year-old Snack and Whack is finished!
A "Neutrals" quilt from a class with Pat Wys -- finished!
Even a utilitarian quilt can be pretty.

What a good daughter! Her mom passed away before this traditional Grandmother's Garden could be completeds, so her daughter is finishing it quilt for her.
This wallhanging began with a panel of a horse . . .
You wouldn't believe the effort behind this Double-Wedding Ring!
Window Panes


This photo is not what it should be, but we almost didn't get it at all!
The colors are lovely.
  The camera caught this one at a crazy angle, but it still displays wonderful color choices and very effective layering.