February 11, 2016

  Show 'n Tell is always a good time but with Valentine's Day just three days away, members were encouraged to to bring in their red and white quilts, too.  

A treasure trove of embroidered squares
became beautiful new placemats.

















There were two more items on the agenda. One was a challenge with batik. Those who accepted the challenge brought one yard of batik and a small pair of scissors.

They gathered in a circle, folded the fabric in half, snipped and ripped. Each kept one-half of the fabric, dropping it in front of her. The other half was passed to the person on the right. They repeated the exercise until the last square cut and passed was only about 5" square.

The challenge? To put together a quilt top or wallhanging of any size using those pieces.
Adding other batiks and/or material of any kind is permissible.

And this?

This a a table full of take-home materials to make a needle case.
Wasn't that thoughtful?
That's how quilters are!