November 10, 2016


Thank you, Jan, for all your hard work to make the
Thumb Tour Bus Trip a great experience!
'Tis the season for all Meals on Wheels recipients to get spanking new placemats. Every single one made gets used.

The Batik Challenge

Several months ago, members were challenged to do a batik project. Those taking it on were to bring one yard of batik fabric to the next meeting -- and a good sharp pair of scissors.

At the kick-off of that project, quilters were organized into a circle and told to make a snip at the mid-point of their fabric and rip it in half. One half fell to the floor, and the other was passed to the person on the right. Again, a snip at mid-point, rip and drop; then pass it to the right.

This was repeated for a total of seven times, giving everyone seven pieces of batik that were to be used in any kind of finished project. Additional fabrics were welcome, but each of the seven pieces ripped that night had to be used.

The November meeting saw all the projects come in. Members were asked to look at them all and vote for the one they liked best.

The results are below.

Also on hand to describe what happens to the quilts made for pediatric patients at McLaren Northern Hospital was Pediatric RN Anne Hire. She had some great stories!    
It took every inch of two tables to display these lovely works. Choosing a favorite was not easy.
Winning with a good old American cowboy boot and American flag (see far left) was Tresa Keys.
Last Show and Tell for the Year
Lois's sewing machine must be smokin' hot! That's what she called "Farm Girl Vintage" at left. At right is "Labyrinth."
Nettie finished her pin cushion kit she got on the bus trip.
This is the result of a painted thread class. Gorgeous!
This is the result of all those Shaded Four-Patches
we did way back last spring.
What's black and white and red all over?
Front ----------------- and back.
Lovely shades of restful blue and cream.
Beautifully quilted on a longarm.
  This is a precious keepsake for this lady. It was made from dresses belonging to her mother and her mother's sister. It will be a treasure --always.
This last one came from Tresa Keys' sewing shop. It's for someone whom she'll probably never meet, but greatly respects.
Ask her about it someday.
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