March 2017 Photos
Strings and Strips -- and a few other things, too!
(Caution! Confession follows.) I can't believe I missed the front of this quilt! It's a Q of V quilt and was fantastic. Ken, one of our faithful longarmers, was showing us an exceptional quilting pattern called "Fireworks!" that was so appropriate and special for quilts like this. It showed up nicely on the back, too (which I did manage to photograph), but it doesn't show up in the finished image. It's beautiful work, Ken, and you deserve more credit that I managed to produce this time.  
This is her first venture into Batiks -- and she pieced it by hand!
A nice surprise for Tresa Keys who heads up our Quilts of Valor efforts. John and Julie Dyle pieced this one at home. Lovely!!
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