January 2018

"All Dolled Up!"
Antique Doll Quilts

presented by John and Julie Dyle









Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy made a surprise appearance at John and Julie's program presentation in January of 2018. They were there to share an overall review of quilting history as well as their story of how they came to be --more than 100 years ago.



  Take a close look at this custom-made doll bed, one of several that Raggedy Andy made for this special night. It's a rope bed with a doll-size quilt .  


A traditional nine-patch makes a sweet little square for a dolly. There were many quilts, but unfortunately not many pictures.
(The usual photographer was soaking up sun in Florida. Thank you, Jan Gray, for snapping these.)



They saved the best for last!
As a grand finale, Raggedy Ann and Andy called Judy Goldsmith to the front
and presented her with an armfull of quilts for pediatric patients.

(P.S. When requested, John and Julie do similar presentations at local schools.)





One more thing - - -


Liz Rayl showed us
something almost unique
for Show 'n Tell.




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