February 2018 Meeting


. . . with special guest/speaker/demonstrator/life of the party

Christina Ambramowski



Among Christina's many talents and skills is the ancient art of

She brought with her samples of sheep's wool and alpaca wool.

Christina taught the basic concept of "drop spinning" and showed a variety of very simple devices to produce a yarn that could be used immediately.






"Really," she said, "You could use a potato and a pencil!"
  Using a spinning wheel is faster and perhaps more comfortable -- if you can train your foot to keep the wheel going the right way --




As we watched Christina spin her wool into yarn,
one of our quilting sisters begged for an opportunity
to try the wheel and give this spinning thing a go ~
. . . and because Christina is an adventurous soul,
she said, "Sure! Give it a try!"
Judy gave it her best for 5 - 10 minutes,
then said, "It's harder than it looks."



After a good chunk of the winter has passed by, it's time for
Show 'n Tell!
Features a dozen hand-embroidered flower baskets.

A small quilt for Pediatricts

Another Peds quilt. Very bright and snazzy!
Someone had just finished longarm quilting this one,
but we don't know who sewed it.
(It's a secret!)


And our Valentine-themed refreshments were awesome!

Thank you, ladies!