Scenes from LTB's June 2018 Meeting

Show and Tell
It was an "awkward" seating arrangement. The photographer didn't get all of the quilts shown -- Sorry!

"I don't like orange," said the quilter.
"But that's what he (grandson) wanted. I fell in love with it after it was done."
Number One Grandson of Skip and Tresa Keys is the lucky recipient of this Wedding Ring quilt.
"I was really 'under the gun' with this one," confessed Tresa.
A late April snowstorm forced two quilter-friends to stay at her home a couple of days longer than originally planned.
Tresa put them to work and made good progress.
One small worry: She and Skip have seven more grandchildren.



Yes, this is king-size --and lovely.


A few of the UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that will be finished by May 9, 2019



This is a very large "Four-Block" quilt that Betsy Koss plans to hand-quilt over the next year.
You go, Girl!

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