July 2018 Summer Picnic
at Charlevoix Public Library

Checking in are our special guests, the Thumb Area Quilters' Guild.
They came up all the way to Petoskey to see us!

At right, Ellen drew a button that will determine her partner for lunch.
Now she has to go looking for whomever has the same button.





Looking at an almost 100-year-old "picnic locker" that came
as original equipment on a 1919 Patterson automobile.

At right, a quilt donated to our one-day raffle to raise operating
funds for the five charitable service organizations within LTBQG.




This was a picnic and every LTB member brought a picnic lunch for two, themselves and whomever the magic buttons matched them to.




Show 'n Tell time was not only for newly-finished quilts,
but also for "basket-themed" quilts. So some quilts are new
--and some are not.




















This one has an interesting back. ----------------->













Fun and Games Time!



Looking under chairs for a small piece of blue tape . . . if found, YOU got to take home the table centerpiece!




Now, everyone get out those raffle tickets! First, we'll award Basket Blocks to four lucky winners!




The (donated) raffle quilt was won by John and Julie Dyle
who generously donated it back to LTB Guild for the purpose
of raising even more funds for the Guild's five charitable services.



One more prize was awarded. For weeks and months, Tresa Keys had been compiling various quilting materials in a new Longaberger picnic basket. Her goal was to pack at least $1,000 worth of quilting "stuff" in the basket, and raffle it off. She met her goal --and the winner is -----


Marian Henthorne!


Congratulations, Marian!


(Now go home --and get cracking!)