2018 September Tea

at Holy Childhood Community Center, Harbor Springs

Why did we go to Harbor Springs? Because that's where we'll host our 2019 Quilt Show.


"Very nice" doesn't quite describe the facility and surroundings. It's truly very very nice!




This year's Fall Tea wore an "Oriental" theme, reflected in scattered decorative items like fans and fortune cookies. Liz Rayl volunteered to share her knowledge and experience with "Shashiko," a form of decorative reinforcement stitching (or functional embroidery) from Japan.





Let the Show and Tell begin!



Quiltmaker Linda Schofield says she ran out of fabric for the back --and she's glad. She likes the back a lot.

The food was awesome, of course, and there were many different kids of teas, both hot and cold.    
























This lady (at left) made this "whopper" quilt, and hooked the rug below.
She said the rug took about three years to complete. And yes, she walks on it.

That's all, folks!
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