November 2018



November brought our first serious snowfall and several new members to our merry group.
It was a fairly full house for this meeting, and the ladies who brought refreshments met the challenge. On this night, we took time to review the five charities that stem from our Guild.


It's that time of year, when everybody in Emmet County's Meals on Wheels program gets a brand new placemat. Pat Nolan heads the Placemats Project and accepts finished placemats all year round. Make 'em any pattern and color scheme you want, just try to keep them within the 12" x 18" guidelines.



Quilts of Valor -- still going gangbusters! Our Guild blew the doors off the original goal of six quilts per year.
After three years of hard work,we have made and distributed more than 255 quilts to northern Michigan military service veterans.


Quilts are also made and given to patients in Hiland Cottage, Petoskey's local hospice house.
These ladies are also LTB Guild members and welcome donations of fabric, batting, sheets (for backing) and of course, helping hands.
This is also a hospice quilt though it could double for a Quilt of Valor.

Pediatric or "Peds" (pronounced "peeds") Quilts have been on our Guild's project list for many years.
Judy Goldsmith is the go-to gal for this one, and she has stories that keep us sticking to the needle and thread.
There are ladies who do nothing but make Peds Quilts, bringing in a new one at each meeting.
Quilts are very good medicine. Just ask any ped's mom. The one above is all flannel and super cozy.


Another Peds Quilt in colors and patterns that say, "Hey! Get better because there's a lot of life left in you!"

Our fifth charity outreach is Servant Hearts, headed by Johanna Kutcher. Working with other members of the community, this effort focuses on people who might be described as marginal, disadvantaged, disabled and/or homeless. In this context, quilts are made with an eye to producing wraps that are WARM. Knitters associated with this group turn out hats, scarves and mittens for local children. At this meeting, Johanna asked for any unused twin-size quilts and comforters, hoping to secure 31 quilts/comforters by mid-December. If you can help, please call Johanna at 231-838-4831.


Show and Tell
(Not too many this time, but they are gorgeous!)

This is a "signature" quilt made for an upcoming family reunion. Rene says everyone can write a message for future generations.
Yes, it's that small and yes, it's a wonderful image of the colorful fall scenery in Northern Michigan!


What a beautiful work of art and skill from Margaret Sitterson!

Winner winner -- cake for dinner!

(It was worth the walk!)

A printed panel plus some imagination and -- POOF!
A Christmas present!


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