March 2019 Meeting Photos

The March 2019 meeting was favored with much better weather than the previous month, and a good share of the LTBQG membership turned out. (Refreshments were delicious!)

After the business meeting, President Judith Ivan declared it was time for "Show and Tell!" The photos that follow are of those who remembered to take their items to the building's entrance where the space and lighting work well for photography. Some quilters forgot to make that little trip, and their quilts/pieces missed the camera. Our loss!! Please remember to have your accomplishments photographed so the rest of us don't miss out.



Miniature Sunbonnet Sue!

Christmas Holidays Quilt!




Lovely redwork and applique

Absolutely gorgeous tote bag with crochetted accent

Magnificent T-Shirt Quilt, the best this photographere has seen!


Renee Savage of Renee's House of Quilting was our guest,
demonstrating how "cutting machines" can cut
fabric fantastically fast --and perfectly every time.




Renee was an excellente guest, showing off a few quilts that had come together in record time thanks to a cutting machine.
( She even passed out a few door prizes -- really nice ones, too!)

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