2019 Edition of Quilts by the Bay


  It was a great show, the best we've ever put together, with a final count of over 150 quilts hung to show off their best features. The following photos were taken with two objectives in mind: to capture all of the be-ribboned quilts and to record quilts that tickled my own personal fancy. I fervently hope I managed to find all of the award winning entries -- so sorry if I missed someone. And the ones that spoke to me as I passed by? I'll share a few of those, too. -- Penny Harrison

To everyone who took part and made it a grand show -- Thank You!


This year's Quilts by the Bay is dedicated to

Ruby Parkkonen

in recognition and gratitude for her dedication
to making what we call "Peds Quilts,"
or quilts for pediatric patients
at McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital.
Only God knows the number of youngsters
who have been comforted by the work
of Ruby's hands.
































Color on this one is badly misrepresented. Sorry!





















































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With thanks to our Vendors . . .

Cousins Quilt & Needlework from Bellaire

Petoskey Sewing Center

Hearts to Holly from Charlevoix

Delphine's Quilt Shop from Gaylord

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