August 2019

Gramma, Gracie and Me!

a 1930's Trunk Show presented by

Tresa McWilliams Keys

Because of the seating arrangement in this room, there was only one camera angle and you're looking at it. It gave us passable images of the quilts, but I simply could not get both the quilts and Tresa in focus. Even at right, she is rather fuzzy and every shot included those lovely exercise balls behind her.

-- So I cropped her out of most of the pictures, making her quilts the true subject -- which is the point of this entire page, right?

But first, there were some beautiful Show 'n Tell quilts!

Show 'n Tell for August 2019



A Special Presentation

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Ken Thompson (Ret.) is one of several long-arm quilters in our Guild who regularly volunteers his services for our chapter of Quilts of Valor. But long before he became a quilter, Ken was an aircraft mechanic, serving long deploymentes on some of the toughest front lines in the world.

Ken's wife, Sue, knows what Ken has invested in our freedom, and the personal cost of that investment. She took it upon herself to make a special Quilt of Valor for her husband, and presented it at our August 2019 meeting. It was a very special moment for us all.





. . . and now . . . Gramma, Gracie and Me!









This one was an antique store find and is possibly
a very early (1930s) licensed use of Disney characters.












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