Quilts of Valor(R)
(a.k.a. Q of V)

Every Veteran
Deserves a Quilt

-- made with Love
and Gratitude.

It's a top that began
at National Quilting Day
Sew-In on a Saturday
in March 2018.
Finished, the sewer
shared it with us at the
April 2018 meeting.


Quilters who want to help make quilts for veterans may meet at 10:00am at Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop, 207 Ferry Avenue in Charlevoix, usually on the first Wednesday of the month. Stitchers should come equipped with a sewing machine and a general sewing kit. The rest will be supplied.

More than 175quilts have been given to warrior recipients thus far. Our long-arm quilters have given us countless hours, far more than we ever thought we'd need. We continue to use the 2-1/2” strips for the Rail Fence pattern. If you are making a QOV on your own, the minimum recommended size is 55” x 65”, 60” x 80” preferred. Members may request a quilt to be sent to a favorite veteran. We can use more patriotic-themed pillowcases. You may bring them to the meetings

If you want to help but prefer to work alone, here are a few guidelines:

Patriotic themes, please.
If you're using red fabrics, please pre-treat them with Retayne so they don't bleed.
Quilts need to be a minimum of 55” x 65”; a preferred size is approx. 60”x80”.
We can use donations of backings in these corrected sizes: 45”= 4-2/3 yards or 108”=2-1/4 yards.
PILLOWCASES, TOO! -- We also can use standard size pillowcases made in a patriotic theme, stars, stripes or neutrals. Again, use Retayne on red fabrics, please. You may bring these to any meeting.
QUILT BINDING, PLEASE! We can't keep up with the need. More than 150 quilts have been made and there are always quilts to be bound. If you can help, please try to stay within patriotic colors or themes, cut strips 2-1/4 or 2-1/2, join them and iron flat. Please make at least 300 inches for a single quilt and wrap it around a stiff piece of cardboard to keep it flat.

Anyone who knows of a Michigan service man or woman who would like a quilt
expressing our appreciation for their service should call Tresa Keys at 231-758-6530.

This is a great outreach for our Guild, a small token to those who have given much.

Questions? Call Tresa Keys: 231-758-6530